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                Company profile
                Company HISTORY


                Keep abreast of the times and devote ourselves.


                Forge ahead with bright prospects.


                Strive forward as a pioneer.


                 Xinxing Yinfeng Trading Co., LTD. (predecessor of Linkfair Group), found in 1993, has built its international presence from the beginnings of foreign trade and has set up an overseas branch in HK.



                Xinxing Yinfeng Trading Co., LTD. was restructured as a joint-stock private enterprise and renamed as Guangdong Linkfair Group Co., LTD. It has been certified as ‘Guangdong Key Enterprise Technology Center‘, ‘Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of Stainless steel Products‘, ‘Guangdong Famous Trademark Product’ and ‘Guangdong Famous-Brand Products .  


                With the expansion of business trading, 3 manufacturing plants of stainless-steel cookware have been built up and an international trading platform has been established in the US, which has lead the company onto the right path of integration which contains science, industry and trade, combining R&D, manufacture and sale in one to facilitate the development with specialized production and a large scale. 

                2020 ------


                Aim high and realize leaping development.


                Guangdong Linkfair Household Co., Ltd. was formally founded in 2020 and the shareholding reform has been carrying out comprehensively.



                In order to make the main business bigger, stronger and better, Linkfair Household was established to fully undertake the main business of Linkfair Group in 2014 to leverage its resource superiority accumulating in the cookware industry for more than 20 years. Linkfair Household (HK) Ltd. and CS Group Holdings Limited. were set up and the brand acquisition of Germany Michelangelo was realized during that time as well. What’s more, the company has built up a modern upgrading base for the kitchenware industry and has succeeded in creating the first in-line automatic production line for the stainless-steel cookware independently. Furthermore, Linkfair Household has been recognized as ‘National Industrial Design Center’ and ‘National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise’. It has been granted with a number of industrial design awards, such as ‘IDEA Award’ from the United States, ‘IF Award’ from Germany, ‘Golden Pin Design Award’ from Taiwan and ‘China Red Star Design Award’ from China.  


                Be poised for breakthrough and progress from continuous innovation.


                Focus on prospective planning and reforms.


                After the overall reforms, Linkfair Group has acquired CS Group and its brands with a history of more than 180 years and was certified as ‘China Well-Known Trademark’ and ‘National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise’. Linkfair Group was also being granted with several industrial design awards, such as ‘Red Star Design Award’ from China, ‘Red Dot Design Award’ from Germany and the first ‘China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award’.

                Innovative design